Bexley Lane Garage

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Project Description

Bexley lane garage is a family run automotive centre. They wanted to improve the businesses visiblilty and get themselves on the map. The website would be a basic footprint and overview of what services they provided. We have worked with them for several years and updated the website last year when responsive design was starting to make an impact on website design.
The website is clean and easy to navigate as the demographic is for anyone so even your nan can use the site easily. We set a realistic SEO package and have hit page 1 for relevant searches.

The website has a straight to the point navigation.

Bexley Lane Garage

Project Details:

Client: Mark Tattersall

Date: February 2007

Skills: Web Design, SEO

Features: Responsive CMS Website

The site is exactly what we wanted, simple to use and straight to the point. Our local search ranking has got us on page 1 for several keywords.

Bexley Lane Garage


Project Features

  • Photo rich content

  • Easy and Fast Editing

  • CMS

  • Interactive Slider included

  • Outstanding content

  • and much more...

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