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    My Website Is Finally Live!!

    My Website Is Finally Live!!

    After a few years of bashing my head against a wall to get this website finished its finally here.

    So what was the issue you may ask?

    I’m my own worst critic and if something isn’t right I wont go with it. As design goes, I had to ask myself what do i want the website to look like, navigate and what do I want on there.

    As a designer and marketer it’s easy to create ideas for others but when its yours its a whole new kettle of fish.

    The logo was’nt right.

    After over 30 designs and names for a business, I finally came up with Clear Web Media (CW Media). I wanted a name to portray who I was and what I do.  I have always been a no jargon nerd (yes I said it, I’m a Tech Nerd), and always tried to make everything clear with customers, no sales pitches and no false promises.

    The site was also delayed because I was just busy working full time and trying to balance freelance and family as well and didn’t have the time to create my own site.

    So Why Now?

    I am having more and more calls from small & startup companies who have created there own website or paid someone a few hundred pounds or even thousands to get them going and too devastating effects.  They have tried to speak to Design Agencies and almost passed out at the prices or need there websites putting right.

    So here is where I come in?

    I trained as a Graphic designer many years ago and got interested in digital design when I was at college (yes I worked with the first ever version of photoshop!), and got hooked and then trained in website design as I could code the websites and design the pages in photoshop. now after a vast amount of  websites under my belt from responsive wordpress to full Magento 4000 product shops and all ranking nicely in google, I realised I wasn’t just one thing, I could do it all a one man band so to speak.

    So after my little off topic rant where do I come in?  Well its simple, I don’t have an agency to pay for and I don’t have massive agency over heads to pay and I can speak direct to my clients and not pass it over to a support ticket that gets answered when they have chance.

    So this is how Clear Web Media was born. I may be starting on a new journey but will my experience and expertise in this field I hope it will be a success.


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